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If you take this lechuschee means every day or on a different schedule than the daily, the days of taking the mark on the calendar. Look closely at the requirements of the doctor. Follow the dosing schedule. Prednisone dose depends on your medical condition and response to healing. Ask Dr. voprostsy all that you are intrigued. Do not stop taking this medication without consulting your doctor. In the event of a sudden stop taking drugs, some may worsen your prepyadstviya. Inform your doctor if condition persists or worse. You might have dizziness, difficulty sleeping, stomach upset, headache, and weight gain. Inform your own doctor in case of deterioration or worsening of side effects. Almost all of the people using this tool lechuschee have severe side effects prednisone. If you have any such unusual, but severe side effects like black stools, mental / mood changes, muscle weakness / pain, bone pain, vomiting, puffy face, seizures, slow wound healing, easy bruising / bleeding, heartburn, increased thirst and urination, irregular / ER / frequent palpitations, configuration of the menstrual cycle, signs of infection (eg, fever, persistent sore throat), change in weight, pain in the stomach / belly, swollen feet / ankles prepyadstviya skin, problems with breathing, unusual hair growth polyps, vision changes, report this to your doctor immediately. Symptoms of severe allergic reactions: swelling, dizziness, hives, itching, prepyadstviya breathing. If you want to buy prednisone staying at home - use our site and contact with us.